Go From Just Living Life To Winning Life!

I will empower you to become a person of influence and to live your life to win.

What you do will decide what God will do! It’s called the Law of Release! Some call it action and reaction. Others call it what you sow you reap. I call it partnership! The greatest power in the earth is the power of partnership. I am looking for those who desire to partner with us in impacting others for the Kingdom of God.


About Dr. Grillo

"The Millionaires Pastor"

Dr. Jerry Grillo, Jr. is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Business Man, Founder of Church One80, & Fogzone Ministries. Dr. Grillo is called the “Millionaire’s Pastor.”


“People who know how always have a job; people who know why are always their boss.”

-Dr. Grillo-

LIFE: Live It To Win

Life is an occasion; Rise to it! Life is an event; Experience it! Life is a gift; Receive it!

It is God’s desire that people prosper in every area of life. In this book, “Live It to Win,” you will discover how to walk, to live, and to enjoy the winner’s life. So, allow your mind to be challenged and changed. Be ready to also conquer your fears! Be prepared to walk in His abundance as well as to experience His life of favor. You Only Have One Life to Live, Live It to Win!