31 Favored Decisions


If you could go back in time, how many decisions would you change? You are making decisions everyday even if you are unaware of them. Sometimes, the smallest decisions can change the trajectory of your life. Successful people understand that making swift, resolute decisions is an important key. Wherever you are in life, is a result of decisions you have made.

Saved But Damaged


In Dr. Grillo’s book, SAVED BUT DAMAGED, he reveals the keys that are necessary to receive emotional healing and be completely delivered from the pains of your past. Your mess will become your message. God’s desire is for you to be made whole…ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to face whatever has wounded you so that you can enter into your next season…. Don’t let this book slip through your hands. This book is scheduled to release your potential and power.

LIFE - Live it to Win


It is God’s desire that people prosper in every area of life. In this book, “Live It to Win,” you will discover how to walk, to live, and to enjoy the winner’s life. So, allow your mind to be challenged and changed. Be ready to also conquer your fears! Be prepared to walk in His abundance as well as to experience His life of favor. You Only Have One Life to Live, Live It to Win!

Church One80 Journal


It is important to document your journey thru life. Your mind was not created to remember it was created for creativity. This journal is designed to help you document life and important things you would like to remember. Each page has a place for topic and place for thought.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your One80 Journal and start documenting your turnaround for other generations to learn from!

Exposing the Seduction of Disloyalty


Disloyalty Destroys! “period!” Disloyalty kills solidarity. Families, churches, business and relationships can be ruined by one disloyal act. This issue is a spirit that moves over us to make wrong decisions about our involvement in an organization or community.

Don’t let this powerful tool of healing and change pass through your hands… This is the book you’ve been waiting for to build a better and loyal leader around you and in you.

7 Stattegic Prayers To Pray Over Your Children


Hell fears the power and anointing that this generation will carry when they discover who they have been destined to be! Written within the pages of this book are seven prayers that I believe every parent should pray daily over their children…speak them with authority – use them as weapons against the attack of our enemy. I believe that as you and your spouse get into agreement – speaking the same thing over your children’s lives –that every attack the enemy has scheduled to destroy your children will be overthrown by the power of agreement!

Survive To Thrive


In His this book, Dr. Jerry Grillo, Jr. reveals life changing keys from the life of Noah. All of humanity was swept away during the flood except one covenant man and his family. Learn the secret to endurance. Learn how to out last your critics. This manuscript is a life source for change and success. Don’t let this book slip through your fingers; the nuggets hidden between the pages are the golden key to your season of success. No matter how dark your storm clouds appear, you are destined to Survive To Thrive!

Live Big, Dream Big, Be Big


Success is not a secret! Success doesn’t happen randomly! Success is the result of intentional personal growth. To build a bigger you is the key to enlarging your business. You will never be more than the person you believe you are. If you desire to build a bigger network; if you desire to become larger than your present season, then this is your opportunity to do it. The information in this manuscript will open the door for more!

Daddy God


Jesus came to reveal the Father! Dr. Grillo’s Book, Daddy God will give you a clear understanding of who you are and whose you are. No longer will you need to be hostage to your past wounds and pains. No more living life by the labels others has placed on you. You are a Child of God, Born for a Purpose. Learn how to walk free from your pain. It’s time to walk in your Inheritance!

Warfares 13 Battles You Must Win


When it comes to life, there’s something’s you better learn swiftly. Life is not fair… Life is full of struggle… Life is a battlefield! If you desire a great life, PREPARE FOR WAR!

  • Warfare is inevitable.
  • Warfare will never leave your life.
  • Warfare surrounds a life that is Favored.
  • Faith attracts Warfare.

Anything uncontested will flourish! An enemy will eventually control those who are unwilling to confront an enemy. Revive within you the power to Stand, Fight and Win.

"I AM" Faithful


No matter what you’ve been through in life the one thing you can be assured of is that “I AM” will always be faithful to His Word!

You are about to embark into a study on one of the greatest subjects in the word of God. The Faithfulness of God! 

Through the pages of this book, “I AM” Faithful, you are going to discover that God is FAITHFUL and He is moved by our FAITH in Him and His word… in this book you are going to learn keys on how to activate and walk in the promises of God.

52 Weeks Of Favor


The Wicked and the Righteous require FAVOR! All success in your life is attached to FAVOR!


This book is written in such a way that you can read through it like a regular book, or you can read a chapter a week as your devotional.

The Next 52 Weeks are going to become the Best Year of Your life.